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Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2021

10. Tottenham Hotspur ($485.6 million/ 428.3 million euros)

The Spurs as they are popularly called, made the top ten on the list of richest clubs in the world for the first time in a decade with a great revenue of $485.6million which shows a significant increase of 68 million Euros compared to their last revenue. The larger part of this revenue was generated from broadcasting deals, in actual figures; it forms 53% of their revenue, with commercial sources and matches day income making up 27% and 20% respectively. The club recorded an increase in match day income because they are temporarily using Webley stadium as their home, this allows housing more fans. It is reported that an average of 70,642 fans watches their match per game.

9. ARSENAL F.C. ($497.9 million/ 439.2 million euros)

The Gunners failed to qualify for champion’s league for the first time in quite sometimes and also had a lackluster performance which depleted their revenue. This dip in income made them slip three places down the chart, moving from 6th to 9th down the pecking order on the money league. According to Deloitte, it was gathered that there’s a significant difference of around 48.4 million euros compared to their last revenue. The club was able to generate 47% of his revenue from broadcasting rights while match day income and other commercial sources make up 25% and 28% respectively.

8. CHELSEA F.C ($573.1 MILLION/505.7 million euros)

Chelsea football club recorded a significant yield of 77.7 million euros in their revenue, despite finishing fifth on the table log and crash out of UEFA champions league at the round of 16. Their lucrative deals with Nike who supplies their technical kit and Yokohama tire that’s in charge of their shirt sponsorship helps the yield of their revenue a great deal. The blues were able to boast of generating 46% of their total earnings for the year from broadcasting rights, 38% was also recorded from commercial sources while matchday earnings account for 16%. This feat allows them to retain their 8th spot for the 4th time on a roll.

7. LIVERPOOL F.C ($582.1 million/ 513.7 million euros)

The Reds as they are popularly called has realized significant success and yield in revenue ever since their gaffer Jurgen Klopp took over. They reached the champions league final and had a wonderful on-field performance which helped them boost their revenue with a whopping 89.5 million euros, the biggest monetary increase by any team in the top 10. The red side of Merseyside realized 251.3 million euros which are equal to 49% of their revenue from broadcasting right; a further 33% of the total revenue was made from commercial sources, while the remaining 18% was recorded from match day earnings. The huge increase in their revenue moves them two places up the money league.

6. Paris St Germain (P.S.G) – ($614.13 million / 541.7 million euros)

The French side moved a place up from their previous position on the money league, thanks to the huge increase in revenue recorded. The club’s revenue increased by 55 million euros, this was due to their excellent on-field performance and various lucrative commercial deals. They finished at the top summit of the league and also made continuous effort in the champion’s league. Their deal with Nike and Emirate as their tech kit supplier and shirt sponsor respectively, coupled with the big name signing of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar jnr also help improve their earnings for the year. The club recorded a massive 58% of their total revenue from commercial sources while broadcasting right and match day ticket contributed 24% and 18% of the total revenue respectively.

5. MANCHESTER CITY ($644.4 million / 568.4 million euros)

The citizens as they are popularly called enjoyed great success in the league as they finish as leaders with a record margin between them and the second placed team. They are the fifth richest club in the world, for the third time in a roll. Thanks to the 41.4 million euros increase in their earnings compared to the previous one. Their major earning came from commercial sources due to various lucrative deals with Nike, Ethiad, Nexen tire, and so on. These deals generated 47% of their total revenue with broadcasting rights and match day earnings bringing in 42% and 11% respectively.

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4. BAYERN MUNICH ($713.29 million / 629.2 million euros)

The German giants are the richest club in the German Bundesliga, doubling the total revenue of their nearest rivals Borussia Dortmund. They are the fourth club ever to surpass the 600 million euros mark. Their success in the league and the progressive stride they made in the UEFA champions league made them retain their position as the fourth richest club in the world for the third time on a roll. Their lucrative deals with Adidas and Telekom and some other various brands made them realized an estimate of 348.7 million euros from commercial source alone, this accounts for 55% of their total revenue, with broadcasting rights and match day earnings raking in 28% and 17% of the revenue respectively.

3. MANCHESTER UNITED ($755 million / 666 million euros)

The Red Devils as they’re fondly called are the richest club in England. They slipped two places down the money league into the third position, despite finishing second in the Premier League. This made them lose their crown as the richest club in the world after holding it for two consecutive years. However, their long term lucrative deal with Adidas and Chevrolet and their new shirt sleeve sponsorship deal with Kohler helped them generate a whopping sum of 316.1 million euros from a commercial source. This amount for 47% of their total revenue, broadcast right and match day earnings contributes 35% and 18% to their revenue respectively.

2. REAL MADRID ($851.7 million / 750.9 million euros)

The Los Blancos or white Angels as they are popularly called have enjoyed unprecedented success in the UEFA champion’s league. This has brought them to the top of the money league for the first time in two years, it is a record 12th time they’d be topping the chart, and they are also the first club to exceed the 780 million euros mark. They recorded an increase of 76.3 million euros in their revenue; the majority of those earnings came from commercial sources. Broadcasting rights and match day earnings only contribute 35% and 19% respectively, leaving the commercial source of revenue with the larger chunk of 47%. The major gain in their revenue is also largely due to their third successive champions league triumph.

1. FC BARCELONA ($936.07 million / 840.8 million euros)

The Spanish giant has almost turned the league title to a birthright; this has made them enjoy improved success in their revenue. They moved one place up the ranking, with an increase of 42.1 million euros compared to their previous revenue. They realize 47% of their total revenue which sums up to 322.6 million euros ROM commercial source, and 21% from broadcasting rights, the remaining part of their earnings came from match earnings which contribute 21%.

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