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Top 10 Most Expensive Wrist Watches In The World 2021

There have been many innovations and designs in the world of wristwatches with jaw-dropping price tags and functionalities. Amidst these numerous types and kinds of wristwatches, we present to you the 2019 top 10 wristwatches leading the race when it comes to the price tag of wristwatches.

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Wristwatches are one of the most expensive and luxurious fashion items you find on celebrities and wealthy individuals. In actuality, you can guess someone’s worth by just taking a glance at his or her wrist. Gone are the days when wristwatch tells time only, now it does more than telling what time it is. Apart from completing and perfectly enhancing the beauty of your outfit, it has also grown to become a valuable asset. Some of the modern wristwatches come with great features, e. g. Telling the time of sunset and sunrise, showing the date, indicating locations and so many other features.


The Tour I’ll wristwatch by Vacheron Constantin is a very stunning and remarkable timepiece. The wristwatch has an awesome design on both sides, which gives it a second look. The timepiece was created with much meticulousness; much attention was given to the littlest of its component. The reason for this is because the timepiece was designed to celebrate the brand’s 250th anniversary in the year 2005. The wristwatch has got awesome features that make it stand out from an ordinary timepiece. Its various features include being able to tell the time for sunrise and sunset, possession of a minute repeater, possession of dual time zone and some other wonderful features.

9. RICHARD MILLE RM 56-02 SAPPHIRE ($2 million)

The RM 56-02 Sapphire by Richard Mille is the tenth most expensive timepiece in the world. It is famous for its distinctive lucid design which makes it extremely different from any other timepiece. The $2 million wristwatches are made wholly with the expensive gemstone sapphire, this account largely for the reason why it costs a fortune. It is the most expensive timepiece designed and launched by the brand.


Aeternitas Mega 4 comes in as the 9th most expensive wristwatch in the world. The wristwatch is $700 thousand more expensive than the RM 56-02. It has been adjudged to possess some of the most complicated features a wristwatch can have. Its glamorous design makes accentuate your wrist perfectly and gives an extra spark to your outfit. The timepiece is made of 1438 components and 36 complications making it very sophisticated when it comes to component and functionality. Part of its various features is a renewable 1000 year cycle calendar, which can be renewed countless of times.

7. LOUIS MOINET METEROIS ($4.6 million)

The Louis Moinet Meterois timepiece is one priceless wristwatch. On a lighter mood, it has a price tag of $4.6 million which makes it the eight most expensive wristwatches in the world. One of the unique thing about this timepiece is that they are only four types of it in existence (i.e. it is of a limited edition). The implication of this is that having the funds to afford it doesn’t guarantee that you can possess one. This timeless wristwatch possesses a moon rock, and none of the four typed of this wristwatch in existence is the same. The reason is that each of the four types of Meterois slightly differs from each other. This means anyone in possession of any of the Meterois is the sole owner of the type of timepiece.

6. HUBLOT BIG BANG ($5 million)

Hublot is one of the leading wristwatch brands, with numerous swanky and expensive timepieces. However, the Hublot big bang still stands as the most expensive timepiece from this brand yet. The various parts and components of the Five million dollars watch are made of 1282 pieces of different shapes and kinds of diamonds. Parts of its components are made up of a 3-carat emerald diamond cut, and some other expensive kinds of diamonds. The wristwatch was once gifted to the American rapper Jay Z by his wife Beyoncé as a birthday present in 2012.

5. PATEK PHILLIPE 1518 ($11.1 million)

One of the uniqueness of this awesome timepiece by Patek is its casing. Patek wristwatches are always known for their Rose gold or yellow appearance, but the 1518 wristwatch is made of a pure stainless casing which gives a glamorous look. The Phillipe 1518 is of limited edition, just four samples of this timepiece were created in 1941, and it is one of the very first chronograph watches by Patek.


As the name implies, this Jacob & Co timepiece is meant for billionaires. The $18 million wristwatches have its whole body covered in diamonds. The diamonds that make the total of 1167 components the watch is made of is estimated to 236 carats. This reason i8s why the Billionaire watch is rated the 5th most expensive wristwatch in the world.

3. 201-CARAT WATCH BY CHOPARD ($25 Million)

From the name of this wristwatch, you’d know that the total diamond it’s made of is valued at 201 carats. Eight hundred seventy-four diamonds make up the whole of this wristwatch for it to be valued at that carat. It is made of numerous kinds of sparkling and colourful diamonds. This wristwatch unarguable costs a fortune.


The fascination is an all diamond made timepiece. The luxurious and glittering wristwatch has its centre made of a pear-shaped diamond that worth 38 carats, the other entire body is made of white diamonds that worth 153 carats. The wristwatch is said to be convertible and can be used as a ring. Its $25 million price tag makes it the 2nd most expensive wristwatch in the world.


Graff Diamonds are known for creating extremely expensive timepiece. This gesture implies that only those that are enormously rich can get this wristwatch without noticing the effect. The bracelet of this wristwatch was made with 100% platinum after which it was covered by various colourful diamonds that worth 110 carats. Hallucination is the most expensive wristwatch in the world, and it comes with high-quality components and functionalities.

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