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Top 10 Most Expensive Islands in the World – 2021 Records

Ever dreaming of owning piece of place that is surrounded by the sea, exciting views, filled with warmth and lovely atmosphere? That's what luxury is all about. Islands With Beaches, Airstrip Or Fly-in, Large Acreage, Income Producing, Ocean Island, Income Potential, Mainland Power. We hereby compiled list of Most Expensive Islands in the World

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10. Nengo Nengo Atoll – $56 million

Nengo Nengo Atoll

The Nengo Nengo atoll is located at about 100 km south west of Hao and at about 775 km east of Tahiti. This private Atoll has an oval shape, that is 13 km long and 8 km wide (at its widest point) with a total emerged surface land area of 9km2. It’s vast and stunning internal lagoon spreads over some 67km2 and for the past twenty years has been the breeding waters of one of the world’s most beautiful gems: The Tahitian Black Pearl.

One of nature’s most extraordinary masterpieces, Nengo Nengo features its very own private landing-strip and infrastructures that previously accommodated some 80 workers. A surprising particularity of this atoll is the ability to see all the atoll’s perimeters, regardless of the distances and point of view. Navigating within the lagoon waters is child’s play, providing an exceptional experience of pure pleasure. The joy of discovering Nengo Nengo, is truly an intertwining of the feelings of natural power, adventure, euphoria and ultimate liberty.

Nengo Nengo’s waters are densely populated with fish attesting to one of the many signs of the site’s natural riches and minimal human impact in this geographical region. The Nengo Nengo atoll is a rare opportunity to create a luxury resort, an aquaculture base and/or one of the world’s unique natural idyllic destination retreats.

9. Dog Island – $57 million

Dog Island

Huge Caribbean island with endless beaches and its own airstrip is characterized by its sandy beaches, rocky shorelines and low cliffs, located approximately 13 km (8.1 mi) to the north-west of Anguilla. It is low and rocky with its highest point at approximately 100 feet in elevation, with three small cays off the west and north coasts. The coastline is characterised by low cliffs alternating with beautiful sandy beaches. Large ponds lie inside two of the beaches. The island is about 1.5 miles long and ¾ miles wide.

There is a small and abandoned airstrip located on Dog Island. It is approximately 300 ft x 3,000 feet. The airstrip area is also suitable for a heliport and adjacent amenities.Currently, there is no infrastructure on Dog Island leaving many advantages for personalized development.

8. Cave Cay – $60 million

Cave Cay Cave Cay
Stunning natural beauty, a protected and private, deep-water harbour and marina with floating cement dock system and 35 dock slips, plus a 2,800 ft. private airstrip make this the perfect private island.

Located in the heart of the Exumas and near to famed Musha Cay, Cave Cay is one of the most beautiful spots in the world and is totally self sufficient with water and power supplied by diesel generators, while solar energy can easily be made available.

7. Spectabilis Island – $62 million

Spectabilis Island
Spectabilis Island

Spectabilis Island is conveniently located in the central Exuma Cays approximately 60 miles from the capital and 230 miles from Miami. Size 460.00 Acres

The Cay sits in a league of its own separated by a dozen pristine powder white sandy beaches, rolling hills with breathtaking views and elevations and unrestricted aviation access with a proposed Heli-pad, seaplane ramp and ample room for a private air strip. Unlike many of the other Cays in the Exuma chain, Spectabilis Island boast a protected natural deep water access channel that allows one to bring deep hull Yachts of just about any length right to the island. The Exuma Cays are home to about a dozen of the most discerning celebrities and billionaires which clearly states the confidence, safety and desirability of the location.

6. Apo Island – $72 million

Located at Barangay Bintuan, Coron, Palawan, Apo Island is a mountainous island covered mainly with bushes and shrubs as well as some immature trees like coconut and cashew alongside a variety of fruit bearing trees that provide shade. There are also areas without vegetation and we advise that these spots are rich in the mineral Manganese, which prevents flora from taking root. The shoreline has a few rocky places, but is mostly covered in beautiful white sand.

2146.95 Acres sized Apo Island is in the vicinity of Unson, Batunan, and Sangat Islands. It is adjacent to Busuanga Island and is only 22 km east from the town centre of Coron, or about an hour and a half boat ride.

5. Halls Pond Cay – $75 million

Halls Pond Cay Halls Pond CayConveniently located in the Exumas chain, just 60 miles away from the glamorous Bahaman capital of Nassau, stunning Halls Pond Cay is without a doubt one of the best positioned private islands in the Caribbean. Consisting of rolling hills, lush, green beaches and an incredible twelve pristine powder white beaches, this sprawling island retreat is in a world of its own.

With proposals in place to construct a heli-pad and a sea-plane ramp, enough space to construct a private airstrip and even a natural deep water access channel with ample room for even larger vessels (a true rarity within the Exumas Island Chain),unrestricted private island access is a very real possibility.

4. Pumpkin Key – $95 million

Pumpkin Key Pumpkin Key
Pumpkin Key is an extraordinary private island totaling 26 acres in the tropics of Card Sound Bay located in the Florida Keys. Just 10 minutes by helicopter to Miami’s infamous South Beach and 10 minutes by boat to its shore home with dockage at Ocean Reef, a private club in Key Largo, Florida with an airstrip for private jets. This island with its proximity to Ocean Reef and Miami, offers the opportunity for privacy without isolation. The lush and vibrant landscape offers endless possibilities for development. Self sufficient with water and electric in place from shore to the 12 large bay front lots.

Phenomenal fishing and lobster fishing holes surround the island with world-renowned snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing just three miles off shore on North America’s only living coral barrier reef.

3. Rangyai Island – $160 million

Rangyai Island The Rangyai island is close to both Phuket and Coconut Island both of which are home to numerous resorts, and are very popular with tourists. 110 acres in size, the island comes complete with fresh water, electric generator, and mobile signal. The island is located only 20 minutes form Phuket International Airport and just 10 minutes by boat from the nearest town.

Much like its neighbour, Phuket, Rangyai Island is adorned by beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forests. In addition, given its advantageous location between the islands of Phuket, Krabi, and Phangna, the island benefits from incredible 360-views.

2. Lanai Island – $300 million

Lanai Island
Lanai IslandLanai is the smallest publicly accessible, inhabited island in Hawaii.

The 140-square mile island with only 3,200 residents offers you a perfect escape from a turbulent everyday life. The intimacy of the secluded island charms you with its image of Hawaii you always wanted to experience. You’re sure to find serenity, adventure, and privacy on Lanai.
Only nine miles from Maui, the elite island has already drawn Jessica Alba, Will Smith, and Cindy Crawford to its shores. Literally, this 90,000-acre lies at your feet as a private paradise with zero paparazzi.

In 2012 the island was bought by Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle Corp., for $300 million. He has agreed to buy 98% of the island of Lanai from David Murdock, a Los Angeles billionaire who controls Dole Food Co. and many other businesses under Castle & Cooke Inc. The rumored asking price was a jaw-dropping $600 million.

1. Al Marjan Island – $462 million (MOST EXPENSIVE CURRENTLY)

Al Marjan Island Al Marjan Island

Al Marjan, a man-made island is located in Ras Al Khaimah. Extending a vast 4.5 kilometers into the sea, the island covers an area of 2.7 million square meters (660 acres).

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Arabian Peninsula, and enclosed by the Yanis and Jais Mountains, Al Marjan Island is truly a luxury destination. With sun, sand and sea all year round, Al Marjan welcomes residents and visitors from all over the world; and welcomes them to a landscape not only rich in luxury but luxurious in all things natural.

A collection of four pristine man-made islands, each island features luxurious hospitality and residential living throughout

The island offers complete leisure and entertainment opportunities that ensure children, adults, residents and tourists enjoy quality family time.

With waterfront homes, quality hotels and resorts, marinas, private beaches for residents, leisure, retail and recreational facilities, Al Marjan Island is a unique investment opportunity with high returns.

Source Private Islands Inc.

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