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How To Build A Great LinkedIn Profile

In this article, we’d be looking at how you can be build a professional LinkedIn in order to get the right set of people to notice you. It is noteworthy to understand that implementing the tips you’d learn in this article requires you to dedicate your time, as failure to invest your time in building your profile might not bring you the desired result.

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LinkedIn is unarguable the best platform for job hunting, building leads, and networking in your industry. It gives you direct access to CEOs of top companies, which is a perfect opportunity to seek for advice, and even get employed.

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Profile

However, for you to get noticed on LinkedIn, you need to create a profile that’s professional and striking enough. The reason for this is that it helps you ensure that you’re easily noticed by the right set of people at the right time.

Below are some of the best practices to employ in other to ensure you’ve got a strong LinkedIn profile:

• USE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO – LinkedIn isn’t WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform, it is a professional network, and as such requires professional profile photo. Uploading a clean and professional looking picture of you, and ensure that you portray your best look. The reason for this is because your picture gives the first impression about you to your potential employer or customer.

• HAVE A SIMPLE YET CLASSIC HEADLINE – It’s not the best of practice to leave the default Job tittle and current company name as your headline. You should include your area of specialty, few keywords to make your profile searchable and use a tone that makes it seems you’re speaking directly to your audience. Ten words should be okay for a simple, yet classic headline.

• SUMMARY FIELD – Do not leave the summary field blank, it is most advisable to fill it with some of your biggest achievements. Highlight these achievements in a way that’d make it readable for your target readers. You can add media files like videos if it seems necessary to your niche.

• ADD SPICE TO YOUR EXPERIENCE – You can spice up the experience section of your profile by adding video or documents. It is a great way to enhance this section along with your customary resume information.

• FILL OUT MOST, IF NOT ALL OF THE PROFILE – Include your basic skills, education background, volunteer association, and so on. Ensure you add interesting things you’d like your employer to know about you that can’t be contained in your resume.

• WORK HISTORY – Your work history shouldn’t be filled with all the jobs you’ve ever done. List only the ones that are pertinent to your current career objectives, you can also add volunteer experience that directly relates to your job search.

• ADD LINKS TO PERTINENT SITES – You can add links to your online portfolios or your blogpost that’s related to your industry. This act is based on whether you deem it relevant or not, if you’ve got one, it’s okay to add it. If not, there are no negative consequences.

• RECOMMENDATIONS – One of the ways to strengthen your profile is by reaching out to past associates, employers or customers manager to write you a recommendation. Recommendation is a vital thing on LinkedIn; it helps strengthen your profile and leaves a good impression about you to potential employers or customers.

• STATUS UPDATE – These step is where investing your time comes into play. Using your status update to share contents that are relevant to your industry helps you stay noticeable to potential employers.

Following these steps effectively would surely give you a profile that can attract recruiters and potential customers.

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