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How To Build Your Instagram Account- Increase Your Followers

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Opportunities lies abound on the internet; it is no doubt that the digital space is the new home for money. This reason and more is why there’s an urgent need for you to optimize the use of your various digital platforms to turn it into a viable source of income.

Build Instagram Followers
Build Instagram Followers

One of such digital platform is the Instagram, building a strong profile and high level of followers engagement on this visual Marketing platform helps a lot when it comes to building your brand, exposure of your products and driving in sales.

A lot of people have taking the opportunity to cash-in on helping various brands and companies build their Instagram profile and increase engagements, however in this article we’d be giving you the secret of trade for free. It is left to you on how effective you can employ the use of the various tips that’d be mentioned in this article.

Below are few of the things you can do to build your Instagram account and increase customer engagements:

• USING HASHTAGS – A lot of people do not know the purpose of hashtags, they just feel it’s a normal culture on the gram. This assertion is definitely incorrect, hashtags helps you increase the visibly of your posts. It can help you get new engagements e.g. likes and follows.
The reason for this is because hashtags makes it easy for people searching for something related to your post to find you easily, more reason why you’ve got to use hashtags related to your brand, products or services. They’re certain free online Instagram tools like Iconosquare and websta that can help you with getting a befitting hashtag for your posts.

• HOP ON A TREND – In every success story, there’s always a part where the protagonist seized an opportunity that changed his/her life forever. This scenario is applicable in every situation, creating contents that are contemporary to present occurrence within your locality is a good way to get more followers and increase engagements on your account. However, you should carefully review the kind of trend you might want to hop whether it’d sell a positive image of brand or otherwise.

• ENGAGE – To receive, you’ve got to give out first; Instagram is one of the best places to put this principle into practice. Leverage on the influence of the celebrities, and your major competitors by always frequenting their comment section and engage new people from there. Engagement includes liking their posts, commenting on their post, following etc. This act would definitely help you increase your followers and the exposure the brand would get.

• PAID ADs/SPONSORED POST – Running a paid Ad or sponsored post on Instagram is another means of promoting your brand and increases engagements. There are influencers that are specialized in offering this service; they help you ensure your product is visible to wider range of audience. Through this, you attract more customers and followers, and also increase engagements on your account.

• GIVEAWAYS AND ASK FOR FOLLOW BACK – Another way of building your Instagram account is by doing giveaways. Make following you and either liking one of your posts, or repost your brand artwork the criteria for being eligible. If properly done, it brings the desire result.

Asking for follow is another method you can employ, you can directly ask your friends, families or audience on various platform to kindly help follow you or repost a particular post. As earlier mentioned, you’d be giving them your following too, to receive theirs in return.

The above ways mentioned would go a long way in helping you build your account. Other things to consider may include the use of filter and other features of the app like live video and statuses.

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